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Morning Message: "Extreme Make Over"

Call to Worship: Psalm 99:1-3

Scripture Text: 2 Corinthians 3:12-18

Morning Text: Luck 9:28-36

This Weeks Bulletin: February 7th, 2016

Preparing for Worship Next Week:  Mission Focus Sunday

Catalyst Events

Catalyst Bible Study: Beginning on February 7th 3:00pm "Christian Leadership Skills"

Yummy In My Tummy Cookoff: February 21st 5:00pm 

MGBC LINKED Young Adult Ministries: "College Age through 30 years"

Begins March 6th, 5:00pm "God's Invitation to Young Adults"

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, April 24th. We will be celebrating our 135th Anniversay here at MGBC. The present plans include dinner on the grounds, weather permitting (under canopys) and musical entertainment by the Moore Brothers, both during worship and following the meal. Scott Good has accepted our invitation to come deliver the message during our worship hour. We were blessed to have Scott here as our interim pastor September 2007–June 2008 . The Homecoming committee needs YOUR help. If you have pictures of past events here at the church, could you please bring them to the church office? Ben Cunningham has agreed to make a montage of those to run overhead for us to enjoy viewing as we are gathering for worship service that morning. If you have items at home that you would like to have displayed, please bring those by the office. We'll be setting up exhibits around the church to display some of that history. Oh! Please don't forget to mark any pictures and/or other items with your name so that we can get them returned to the appropriate people when Homecoming is over. Kim and Rick Penley will be presenting the history of the church to the church. But I think they've got something a little different in mind. If you're asked to participate, please bless us with your knowledge and experience. Ladies, if you'd like to dress in period costume, that would be awesome. Children too of course. I'm going to wear something "outdated" myself if I can find a seamstress. Hint! Hint! As far as our meal, if you would plan now on bringing an entire Sunday meal for your family, any guests that come with you, and one extra, that would be great. Our plan is to begin serving around 12:15. We realize that with the special music and other special activities during the service, we might not be dismissed from worship at our normal 11:30ish time. And don't forget, as stated earlier, we've asked the Moore Brothers to perform for us following the meal. And one last item. We'd like to have a "reunion choir" during the worship service. Don't worry about not knowing the music, Dirk has promised to find a familiar hymn for us all to sing together. When the invitation is given, come up and join the choir and let's unite our voices one more time in praise to our Lord. There are many past choir members in the congregation that I would personally enjoy singing beside in the "choir loft" again.

-Debbie Rhodarmer

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